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Do you need your leaking pipes fixed?

Whether it’s a major rupture or just a small leak, leaking pipes can be a major annoyance. The most obvious problem is usually poor water pressure or problems with your heating system, but in extreme cases leaking pipes can actually damage the structural integrity of your property, especially if you choose to ignore the issue. The leaking water can build up in the structure of your home, causing damp to grow, plaster to crumble, wood to rot and even, over a longer period, actually unseat the brickwork. It’s a serious issue, and that’s before you even consider the health implications of mould and damp build up and the cost of paying for water that is damaging your home.

Make Plumbing on Tap your first Brighton plumbing choice for leaking pipes. Our highly experienced Brighton plumbers have the skills, experience and equipment to quickly detect leaking pipes, even if they are buried deep in the structure of your property. Then, once we’ve found the leak, we’ll swiftly take steps to remedy the problem at a price you can afford.

Pipe Repairs

Our team of plumbing experts can easily repair holes, cracks or fractures in your pipe work, stopping huge ruptures, leaks and pipe bursts from happening before they cause massive problems. And if the worst has happened and your pipes have already fully burst, then we can take care of that too.

We use the latest technology to locate the source of the leak, including some pieces of equipment that few Brighton plumbers have access to. This means we can find the problem much more quickly, ultimately saving you money on labour costs.

When we’ve found the issue, we can fix it incredibly swiftly. Our Brighton plumbing team have a huge amount of experience in fixing leaking pipes, even when they are located in awkward and hard to reach areas of your home. If we can repair the pipe in a way that guarantees its integrity in the future, we will, but otherwise we’ll replace it, especially if it has become hugely corroded or is seriously damaged. We’ll also try to find the cause of the leak, and take steps to ensure that the same problem doesn’t crop up again. This can involve slightly redesigning the pipe work, or even find problems relating to root ingress from trees nearby.

Pipe Installations

Installing new pipe work is a specialist skill, and not all Brighton plumbers are capable of carrying out work at this level. Here at Plumbers on Tap we retain specialist staff who specifically work on new pipe installations, replacing all kinds of pipe work, from interior copper pipes to underground lead water mains outside. We can even design incredible new pipe work systems that will lead to a more effective flow of water in your home, increasing water pressure and helping drainage.

Contact Plumbing On-Tap Today!

If you need to engage our plumbing services, whether you’ve got a burst or leaking pipe, or you need a full pipework replacement or installation in some or all of your property, get in touch with us today. You can reach us on 01273 723600 for expert advice and a free quote, and we are happy to come out to your home and explain the entire process to you, discussing your options throughout every stage of the process. If you have a burst pipe and it’s an emergency outside of business hours, call us on 07872 987681. You can also obtain more information about our services or a quote by completing our online form.

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