Should I Repair or Replace My Old Boiler?

If your boiler has broken down then you might be wondering whether to have it repaired, or simply start again and replace your boiler with a new model. In most cases if a repair is possible, a homeowner’s first instinct is just to get it repaired rather than purchase an entirely new boiler. However, in some situations this can end up costing you money in the long run. Ultimately our Brighton heating experts will be able to advise you on your own individual situation, but here are a few things you should consider when making your decision.

The first factor is the scale of the repairs needed. If your boiler only requires a minor repair, then it makes economic sense to carry it out rather than replace it entirely. However if extensive work is required to get the boiler working again, it could mean that you’d be better off just starting again with a new boiler. You should also think about how often repairs have been required. If this is the first time that you’ve needed some kind of repair then it’s probably worth hanging in there, but if it’s the third or forth time that your boiler has broken down in the last few years then it’s worth facing up to the fact that it might be best to replace it.

If your boiler is over ten years old, then you are going to have to keep a careful eye on it. That’s not to suggest that a boiler automatically needs replaced every ten years. We’ve seen boilers work effectively well into their second or even third decade. However, these boilers with exceptional longevity generally have two things in common: they were well maintained, and they were very well manufactured to begin with. If your boiler is old and it’s been neglected or was one of the cheapest models on the market when you purchased it, it might be wise to replace it. One of our Brighton plumbing engineers can inspect it for long-term damage and advise you further.

“In addition to reliability, there are some huge advantages to getting a new boiler rather than repairing your old model. Efficiency is a huge factor. Technology has come on a long way, and the latest models of boilers are much more fuel efficient than previous generations.” says plumber Jason Jenkins from Hills Emergency Plumbing. We’ve seen many of our plumbing customers in Brighton save as much as 30% off their annual gas bill as a result of installing a new boiler.

The other big consideration is safety. While it’s true to say that older boilers, if correctly inspected and maintained, can operate completely safely, it’s simply more likely that a safety problem will arise with an older model. Boilers are delicate pieces of machinery that can create incredibly dangerous situations in rare cases, and it’s a risk that you really don’t want to take. If you have an older boiler you should at least make sure that it is inspected regularly, even if you aren’t ready to replace it yet.

If you have decided to get a new boiler, you’ll find us one of the best plumbers in Brighton for this service. For one thing, Worcester Bosch has named us as one of their accredited installers. Worcester Bosch are one of the most reputable and highly regarded manufacturers of boilers in the world, and their engineers have certified our workmanship and our methods as being in line with their incredibly high expectations. This means that we can offer our customers a guarantee of up to ten years on new Worcester Bosch boilers. We also offer numerous financing deals, including an interest free credit deal.

However, if you’ve chosen to simply have your boiler repaired, we’ll be more than happy to take on that task too, repairing it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether it’s a small repair or a full system replacement, we apply the same high standards of workmanship and customer service.

Whatever you need from us, get in touch with us today for a no-obligation, completely free estimate.

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