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Need a New Boiler?

It’s incredibly disheartening when your boiler breaks down, and even more troubling when you realise that it’s beyond repair and will need to be replaced. Not only will you need to find a new boiler that fits your budget and works for your home, but you’ll also need to find a reliable Brighton plumber to install it.

Plumbing on Tap – The Boiler Experts

Here at Plumbing on Tap, we believe we have more expertise with installing new boilers than any other Brighton plumbers. We have a huge amount of heating experts on staff, and several incredibly experienced heating engineers in management positions. The huge advantage of this is that not only will we be able to expertly fit a new boiler in your home with the highest standards of workmanship, we’ll also be able to give you expert advice on the ideal boiler to heat your home as cheaply and efficiently as possible. This helps you take the guesswork out of getting a new boiler.

Our Price Guarantee

We’ve negotiated some exclusive deals with our suppliers that allow us to offer incredible quality boilers at seriously competitive prices. We’ve conducted a careful analysis of the market and we believe we are offering boilers at a cheaper price than any other plumbers in Brighton. We’re so confident in this that if you find the same boiler cheaper elsewhere we’ll be happy to match the price.

A new boiler is an expensive undertaking, and we realise that it’s a significant financial commitment for a family. Our pledge is that we’ll install a boiler not just with the highest possible standards of workmanship, but also at the lowest price we can.

Interest Free Boiler Purchase Scheme

Boilers have a frustrating habit of breaking down at the very worst time, when your finances are most stretched and the weather is starting to get chilly. We’ve got numerous financing schemes to help people who are in this situation, including an interest free boiler purchase scheme. Please see for more information.

Worcester Recommended Installers

Worcester Bosch are generally regarded as one of the best manufacturers of boilers and other heating equipment in the world. Their standards of engineering are highly acclaimed, and the equipment they manufacture is reliable, efficient and extremely sturdy.

We’re extremely proud to have been named Worcester Bosch recommended installers. This means that we have passed their rigorous inspection process, and their highly regarded engineering team have approved our boiler installation methodology.

The benefit of this for our customers is that we can offer massively extended guarantees on all of the Worcester Bosch boilers that we sell.

About Worcester Boilers

Worcester have an absolutely impeccable reputation when it comes to manufacturing boilers. They are generally regarded as the most precisely engineered boilers on the market, with a wide range of models to suit every budget. As Brighton plumbers and heating engineers, we’ve been dealing with Worcester boilers for years. In our experience, we’ve found them to be extremely reliable with an exceptional degree of longevity.

They are also some of the most energy efficient boilers on the market. Many of our customers who have had Worcester Greenstar boilers installed have seen a 30% decrease on their heating bills, or even more.

We’re not the only ones to hold Worcester boilers in high regard. They’ve been awarded “Best Buy” accreditation from Which?, the independent consumer advocacy organization. Which? conducts an intensive and rigorous testing process before they award this type of accreditation. When a product has been recommended by Which?, you can trust that it’s well made, reliable and great value for money.

Seven Year Guarantee

Because of our Worcester Bosch accredited installer status, we can offer a seven year extended guarantee on every single Worcester boiler we install, at absolutely no extra cost to the customer. We believe we are the only plumbers in Brighton to offer this kind of guarantee. Worcester Bosch are so confident in the quality of our work that they are prepared to work under the assumption that any problems arising in the boiler won’t come as a result of improper installation. That means that our customers who buy a Worcester Bosch boiler can relax in the confidence that their new boiler will continue to keep their family warm without costing them anything extra for at least the next seven years.

Ten Year Guarantee

We’ve now negotiated a deal where we can offer our customers who purchase a new Worcester Bosch boiler an unprecedented ten year guarantee to customers who also opt for the Worcester Systems Solution package when their boiler is being installed This is our pledge that your new boiler will continue to be in full working order for at least the next decade.

Quality Workmanship

While we are proud to recommend Worcester Boilers, we apply the same high quality workmanship to all of the boilers we install, no matter who they have been manufactured by. If you’d like to hear some independent accounts of our high quality service, feel free to investigate our Check-A-Trade page. There you’ll see over 250 enthusiastically positive reviews from satisfied customers, many of whom have had new boilers installed.

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