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Tenant Information

Here at Plumbing on Tap we are proud to be one of the most popular and well-respected plumbers in Brighton. As you might expect, we count a huge number of letting agents and landlords among our clients.

We’ve put together this guide for any tenants who we may be contacting to do some work in their property at the behest of their landlord or letting agent.

  1. Ensure that your landlord is working within the law

    Any landlord or property management company that is renting out a domestic property has a specific set of responsibilities that are legally enforced. This is to ensure that the property is safe to live in, as gas appliances can be dangerous if improperly maintained.

    Your landlord will have to make sure that the gas appliances in your home are in good condition and safe to operate, and he or she will have to prove it by obtaining a Gas Safety Certificate. The only way to obtain this certification is to have a gas safety inspection carried out by a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer. A new certificate must be issued annually, following a yearly inspection.

    If you want to make sure your landlord is ensuring your safety by complying with these regulations, the best thing to do is ask to see an up-to-date Gas Safety Certificate. This will itemise the different gas appliances in your property that have been inspected and approved by a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer.

  2. How does a gas safety check work?

    A gas safety check is a thorough inspection of all the gas appliances in the property. It helps to avoid catastrophic circumstances such as gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning by making sure that all of the gas appliances and fittings have been properly installed and are in good working order. The inspection will also make sure that none of the flues or other ventilation apparatus are blocked.

    Our team of expert Brighton plumbers will carry out the inspection swiftly and comprehensively, and they won’t issue a Gas Safety Certificate to your landlord until they are completely satisfied that every single gas appliance in your property is in safe working order. In addition to the Gas Safety Certificate, we’ll also give your landlord a written record of all of the checks that we’ve done. If you’d like to see this certificate, or the written record, then you should ask your landlord. If you are planning to move into a new rental property then you should ask your landlord for a safety certificate before you move in.

    If your landlord wants us to conduct a gas safety inspection, it’s extremely important that you take steps to give our engineers access. This is a vital process that protects your safety, and it’s also a legal requirement. However, we’ll do our best to make the process as convenient for you as possible.

  3. Our attendance at the property

    If your landlord enlists us to do work in your property, it’s in your best interests to arrange access for our engineers. In most cases we will be repairing or maintaining a heating or plumbing system that is vital to your quality of life, or making sure that the gas appliances in your property are safe. However, you should make sure to check ID before you let anyone into your property. All of our Brighton plumbers carry full identification for your peace of mind.

    We’ll get in touch with you to arrange an appointment that suits you, and we will take extraordinary steps to make sure that we keep to the appointment time we have told you. In the unlikely event that circumstances beyond our control stop us from attending your property, we’ll get in touch with you well in advance to let you know if we can reach you.

    While some Brighton plumbers will only specify morning or afternoon appointments, we’ll give you an exact time so that you don’t have to wait around in your property for hours waiting for us.

    When we are arranging an appointment with you, we’ll call you in the first instance and if we can’t get through to you then we’ll leave a voicemail message. If we still don’t hear from you within a few days we’ll send you a text message that lets you know to get in touch with us to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you.

    If we can’t get in touch with you at all, or you want us to attend the property while you are out, then we will access the property with the property management or landlord’s keys. We’ll always announce our arrival by ringing the bell and shouting “Plumbing on Tap” before we enter the property, so that you know exactly who we are and why we are there if you happen to be in the property.

  4. Making sure we have access.

    Please ensure that we can easily access:

    • The boiler
    • Any gas appliances
    • The gas meter
    • All rooms including bedrooms
    • Roof space, if possible
  5. What should I do if my landlord isn’t complying with Gas Safety regulations?

    If you suspect that your landlord doesn’t have a gas safety certificate for your property, and they refuse to obtain one, then you should contact the Health and Safety Executive. Remember that your safety is at risk, and neglecting to ensure that a domestic property is gas safe is against the law.

  6. We are a reputable, approved and verified company

    Here at Plumbing on Tap, we believe we are among the most trusted plumbers in Brighton. We only employ the most highly qualified plumbers and heating engineers, and we fully comply with all legal regulations relating to this industry. We’re also an extremely well established company with a solid reputation in the Brighton area. If you are concerned about letting one of our Brighton plumbing or heating engineers in to your home, then we advise you to have a look at our Check-A-Trade profile. This is an independent website where hundreds of our past customers have submitted reviews of our service. We are extremely proud to say that each and every one of the reviews on Check-A-Trade are overwhelmingly positive.

  7. Tenants penalty charges

    If you, as a tenant, make an appointment and fail to be there or fail to ensure access so that we can carry out the work we are supposed to do, then you will be charged a call out fee. The best way to avoid this is to cancel at least one hour in advance by contacting our offices.

    We have to charge this fee because if our engineer attends your property then he or she will do their best to gain access, including waiting at the property for up to one hour and calling every relevant contact number that we have. If it’s your fault that we can’t service or inspect the plumbing or heating system in your property, then you are responsible for this fee and not your landlord or property management company.

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